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Flight Delay Compensation

Flight Delayed? Know Your Rights.

If your flight is delayed you could be eligible for assistance and/or compensation from your airline so make sure that you know your rights and are not left stranded or out of pocket.

Your Welfare

If a flight is delayed for any reason for more than two hours European rules make clear that airlines must provide passengers with “welfare” assistance such as refreshments and, if necessary, accommodation. So, if your flight is delayed by more than two hours and you are not offered any assistance, speak to someone who works for the airline and ask for it.

Remember to keep receipts for any expenses that you do incur, particularly if your airline does not provide assistance at the time and you need to make a claim against them at a later date. Airlines need only pay for ‘reasonable’ expenses so you can't get money back for alcohol, expensive meals or luxury hotels!

For Longer Delays

For delays of more than three hours passengers travelling from a European airport or with an EU airline can also claim compensation. The amount you can claim varies according to the distance of the flight and the length of the delay.

Flight delay compensation cannot be claimed when there are “extraordinary circumstances” and this includes such things as extreme weather or strikes. However, if your airline does claim that there were extraordinary circumstances and you don't agree, it is often worth challenging them – for example if you are told that your flight is being delayed due to extreme weather conditions yet other flights are still able to depart you might wish to consider challenging your airline and pursing a compensation claim.

If you would like advice and information about claiming travel or holiday compensation please contact Shaun Burke on 01325 466461 or email

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