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Franchising allows an existing business to expand using capital and resources provided by third parties and can lead to very rapid growth. For the franchisee, there is the opportunity to start a business with an existing brand and marketing support.

Chris Wiper, has considerable experience of franchising law. He advises both franchisors and franchisees, guiding them through the regulatory environment. Whether you are starting to consider franchising or looking to expand to a wider geographic area, he can advise you at every stage.

Under a franchising agreement a franchisor permits a franchisee to exploit its trademarks or signs, as well as its know-how for the sale of goods or services. Any agreement allows the franchisor a degree of control over the way in which the franchisee runs the business and so brings the franchising agreement within the scope of competition law. For this reason, good legal advice is very important.

For Franchisors

Prospective franchisors need to make sure that the documentation is compliant with EU regulations and that it is binding on any future franchisees.

For Franchisees

Prospective franchises need to understand the full implications for them and their business when they sign the franchise agreement. Legal advice should be sort before signing any franchise agreement.


      • Standard documents for unit franchise agreements
      • EU compliant master franchise agreements 
      • Development agreements
      • Umbrella agreements
      • Sub franchise agreements
      • Distribution or agency agreements
      • Joint ventures
      • Concessions
      • IP licensing agreements 
      • Termination of agreements
      • Acquisition or disposal of a franchised business

Chris Wiper has particular experience of the retail, restaurant and educational services sectors. 

For further information about franchising, contact Chris Wiper or call him on 01325 466461

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